SoloPro spikes the football

Tommy Sowers and the team at SoloPro kicked off 2016 with a local spot in North Carolina during the Super Bowl. SoloPro is changing home-buying by offering disaggregated agent services such that home buyers pay less and only for the services they need. Such a revolutionary product of course meant that the ad included breaking glass and explosions...and lot of them. Enjoy the ad here and check out Congrats to Tommy and team!

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Bee raises $4.6 million to bring banking back to the masses

Did you know that more than 70 million US citizens do not have access to the traditional banking system (i.e., basic checking, savings, credit that you probably take for granted)? Did you know that more than 90% of bank branch closures since the GFC have occurred in communities with incomes at or below the US median? Whether you knew this previously or not, we hope you agree it's a big problem.

Vinay, Alex, and Max are tackling this problem with Bee, a digital-only banking product for the un-banked and under-banked in the US. They've just recently raised a new financing round led by AXA Capital. We're happy to be along for the ride. Congratulations to the team at Bee!

Read more at Wall Street Journal and Xconomy

Bee App
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Match.Com for Financial Advisors

Raghav Sharma, Founder of GuideVine, sits down with CNBC to discuss his business. Once GuideVine is a monstrous success, we will be the first ones to tune into "Live with Kelly and Raghav." Congrats Raghav! Great job!

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- Sinjorino Gaga

Making payments harder, better, faster, stronger...

Well actually, Kash's mission is to make "payments better, faster, and safer", but our paraphrase is close enough. Kaz Nejatian, one of the Blue {Seed} entrepreneurs and the founder of Kash, has launched the Kash API, d.b.a. liveACH API. Kash payments are an alternative to credit cards and run over ACH rails (think checks) as opposed to credit or debit rails (think Visa and MasterCard). Merchants care because Kash is way cheaper for them than credit or debit and now just as safe. For those who aren't payment 'wonks' like us, we can assure you this is 'harder, better, faster, stronger....' Learn more at PYMNTS

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ZocDoc gets an appointment at the Unicorn Club

ZocDoc joins the Unicorn Club (Officially). Congratulations (officially) to Cyrus, Oliver, and the full team!

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SketchDeck tells us what a successful pitch deck looks like

What SketchDeck learned from designing 200 pitch decks

Since the beginning of SketchDeck clients have asked us to design their fundraising pitch decks. We've now worked with over 200 companies to help them impress investors and raise capital for their businesses.

We've learned a lot about how to make a good pitch deck: how to impress investors, how to showcase your story and how to be compelling. We've analysed the pitches we've worked on and here share some of the results.


Successful pitches' first slide is often their value proposition or the problem they are solving

SketchDeck infographic_082015

You scream, I scream for GuideVine's Summer Scoop

Consumers Hungry for Financial Planning Info Gobble Up Video Content on GuideVine's YouTube Channel

GuideVine Technologies, Inc. (GuideVine) announced today that its Summer Scoop campaign, launched June 1, 2015, has exceeded expectations. The campaign was designed to provide consumers with daily "scoops" of useful information, in the form of short video segments from real financial planners, to help viewers understand, and deal with, an assortment of common financial issues and frequently-asked questions. 

Read the press release here.  Or better, watch the videos here.


GuideVine's mission is to help consumers find the right financial advisor. Every advisor on our platform has gone through a rigorous review process to ensure we have a trusted financial expert with a great track record working with clients. You can learn more by visiting us at, where in just a few clicks, you can get a personalized advisor match.


LookBooker books the Sassoons as partners

LookBooker Welcomes the Sassoons

Eden and Elan Sassoon, children of the late and iconic hair genius Vidal Sassoon, have joined LookBooker in a unique partnership that represents the intersection between the legacy of hair and beauty and what the future might hold. LookBooker is currently the premier aggregator for hair and beauty services in New York City, and The Sassoons will be partnering with us as we grow and expand across the US. As salon owners and busy parents themselves, the benefits of LookBooker – a quick and easy way to search for, select and instantly confirm appointments – appealed to the pair, both as heavy users of the platform and as owners of salons across the country.


Happy Tree spreading the good word on CBS

Meet coconut water's new rival: Maple tree water

Wander into a Whole Foods (WFM) and you might find a new type of drink: maple tree water under the brand name Happy Tree. It claims to offer the nutrients and electrolytes of coconut water, which is currently a $400 million-a-year business, but at only half the calories. Read more at CBS News.