Moving from Consulting to Startup

Reflections from Chris Finneral, Founder at SketchDeck, on the good and bad of moving from the consulting world to the startup world. Thoughts?

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SketchDeck tells us what a successful pitch deck looks like

What SketchDeck learned from designing 200 pitch decks

Since the beginning of SketchDeck clients have asked us to design their fundraising pitch decks. We've now worked with over 200 companies to help them impress investors and raise capital for their businesses.

We've learned a lot about how to make a good pitch deck: how to impress investors, how to showcase your story and how to be compelling. We've analysed the pitches we've worked on and here share some of the results.


Successful pitches' first slide is often their value proposition or the problem they are solving

SketchDeck infographic_082015