our investment strategy

We are multi-strategy investors playing across Venture Capital and Private Equity. Our primary objective is creating returns for our entrepreneurs, management teams, and investors. As such we always find opportunity first and develop our investment strategy second. We are primarily enterprise / B2B SaaS investors but invest opportunistically in other industries at early stage (and sometimes beyond). When we invest, we commit to supporting our entrepreneurs and management teams with more than just capital, whether through advice, connections, rolling up our sleeves, or just being good listeners (and drinking companions)

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We are industry-agnostic investors (even if we veer towards enterprise tech and consumer). We play best at early-stage (Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A), although are opportunistic from time to time with later-stage companies. We look for companies with $0 to $10 million in revenue and write checks from small to big (typically $250K to $1 million). We are always looking for great entrepreneurs  pride ourselves on being first money in

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Our Growth Investments are focused on enterprise / B2B SaaS companies in North America and Europe. We specifically look for companies that have great product and need a step-change to take it to the next level. We find we add the most value to companies that have "fallen through the cracks", need more attention, and/or are "unsexy". We look for companies with $5-20 million in ARR. 

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Our buy-out strategy is focused on venture-backed enterprise / B2B SaaS startups with founders and/or investors looking for liquidity. We like these types of transformational opportunities that require a fresh set of eyes, bodies and capital to create value. And we especially like these opportunities when we can free up founders and/or investors to get back out in the market and start building again. We are opportunistic in this strategy and look for companies with previous VC / PE funding and flat to declining recent performance.