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JJ Kasper

Former academic, lawyer, consultant, turnaround guy, and long-time start-up investor and advisor. Also aspiring musician and one-time singer / guitarist with the Drops.

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Brian Stafford

Former McKinsey Tech Partner and founded McKinsey’s Silicon Valley Pre-IPO Practice. Prior to McKinsey was Founder and CEO of a tech start-up and long-time angel investor and advisor.



Josh Berns
Investment Team Lead

Straight out of Cleveland by way of New Orleans, a former tech and non-profit entrepreneur. Now applying it to investing



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Arsalan Tavakoli
Head of Customer Engagement, Databricks

Arsalan leads biz dev for Databricks where he oversees strategic partnerships and ecosystem development and even writes code. Prior to Databricks, he was an Associate Partner at McKinsey and holds a a PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

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Pratap Ranade
Co-founder and CEO, Kimono

Kimono is a smarter web scaper that lets you “API-ify” the web. Pratap was formerly an Associate Partner at McKinsey and is also a national-level elite triathlete and Ivy League Triathlon Champion.

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Jay Srinivasan
Co-founder, Appurify

Appurify is a platform for mobile debugging, automated continuous testing and optimization, and was acquired by Google in 2014. Jay was previously at Zynga and before that an Associate Partner at McKinsey. 


Michael Faye
Co-Founder and Chairman, Segovia

Segovia is building a payments and logistics platform to solve the unique challenges of delivering cash in the emerging market. Segovia grew out of Michael’s experience founding and running a successful non-profit, GiveDirectly. Michael was previously an Associate Partner at McKinsey.

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David Moran
Co-Founder and Chairman, Eversight

Eversight provides offer innovation solutions to retail and CPG companies. David was previously Global VP of Sales-Revenue Mgmt for Anheuser-Busch and before that, an Associate Partner at McKinsey. On the side, David has fun with his barbershop in NYC — Decatur and Sons.


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Mark Ramadan
Co-Founder and CEO, Sir Kensington's

Mark is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sir Kensington’s. Founded in 2008, Sir Kensington’s is a purveyor of premium, all-natural condiments, including ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard. Contrary to Malcolm Gladwell, Mark doesn’t want ketchup to “stay the same." Mark was previously a Business Analyst at McKinsey.

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Claudio Storelli
Founder and CEO, Storelli Sports

Storelli Sports. Storelli Sports manufactures and distributes protective gear custom-designed for soccer players (you might have seen Wayne Rooney wearing their headband). Claudio was formerly at BloomBerg and before that at McKinsey.

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Jesse Pujji
Co-Founder and CEO, Ampush Media

Ampush is one of the leading advertising platforms for Facebook and Twitter. Jesse did a circuit through McKinsey and Goldman before launching Ampush in San Fran.